adminXbox Live points system draws lawsuit

Xbox fans are fanatical about their console of choice, but there’s one thing they almost universally agree on: The “Points” system for buying content absolutely sucks.

In order to purchase a game or other content on Xbox Live, you have to first use your credit card to buy points. Only then can those points be exchanged for content. What peeves people so badly is that Microsoft sets the value of these points at 800 for $10 instead of something more immediately and easily convertible, like, oh, 1000 for $10. This makes everything on the Xbox Marketplace seem cheaper than it is: Shelling out 200 points feels like a $2 expenditure, but in reality it’s $2.50, a solid 25 percent bonus for Microsoft. Over time that adds up… and you’re invariably left with leftover points, since you have to buy points in bulk.

Reportedly, Microsoft is got tired due to consumer complaints that it may scrap points and go to a straight cash system — a move that it can’t undertake too soon, in my opinion. However, the botched method for points valuation isn’t the reason why attorney Samuel Lassoff is suing Microsoft. He is alleging that the company engaged in “fraudulent handling” of his account, and that he and other users of the system have been overcharged for products which were ultimately not provided.

While Lassoff mainly seems to be alleging that the points system is buggy and error-prone, more vocal complaints come from those who have alleged that their accounts have been victimized by hackers who have absconded with the balances in their accounts and even their gaming identities.

Still, don’t weep for Microsoft quite yet. Lassoff may just be looking for a quick handout, with a history of lawsuits against Google and Bally’s Casino over various wrongs committed against him.

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