LolaTheriotWordPress Plugin Releases for 03/01

All these new wordpress plugins releases this month as follows:

123 Flash Chat– This new plugin can be used to create your own chat room in WordPress. It allows you to insert chat room to your sidebar, with either a light chat client or a link to standard chat client in popup mod. And you can define the width and height of 123 Flash Chat as well as its skin & language. The chat room displays a “hosted by free of charge” message.

Asynchronous Widgets– It allows you to have any registered widget on your site be loaded asynchronously via an AJAX call.

WP-Tabbity– WP-Tabbity allows authors to create one or more tab groups containing one or more tabs, animated by the WordPress-included
version of jQuery.

WP Function Reference– It provides a box on the dashboard with a list of the functions that are available for you to use in your WordPress installation.

Disable WordPress Updates– Disables the theme; plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

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