BobbyeM71hxwWindows Service applications

Windows Service applications are long-running applications that are ideal for use in server environments. The applications do not have a user interface or produce any visual output. Any user messages are typically written to the Windows Event Log. Services can be automatically started when the computer is booted. They do not require a logged in user in order to execute and can run under the context of any user including the system. Windows Services are controlled through the Service Control Manager where they can be stopped, paused, and started as needed.

Windows Services, formerly NT Services, were introduced as a part of the Windows NT operating system. They are not available on Windows 9x and Windows Me. You need to use one of the operating systems in the NT generation such as Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows 2000 Server to run a Windows Service. Examples of Windows Services are server products such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and other applications such as Windows Time that sets the computer clock.

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