LolaTheriotTop Mistakes That Turn Website Design Worthless

A website design means to attract and involve online users and finally give them good reasons to purchase the products and services available on the websites. A badly designed websites fails to achieve the above-mentioned goals for a business website.

Reason behind the bad web design is the selection of an inexperienced website design company. A good web design and website development company takes care of things that turn a website design bad. Some of the common mistakes that lead to useless website design, but taken care of by an expert website design.

Distracting Backgrounds-
Backgrounds are meant the professional backdrop to a website that can attract the online users and involve them. A bad website design has background that distracts or displeases the visitors and makes the text difficult to read. Moreover, the images used a backgrounds make the websites difficult to load.

Inappropriate Text Style-
For the visitors, the information displayed on a website is the best medium to know about it. A badly designed website has font too small or too big to read out. Underlines and bolded paragraphs and use of italics too frequently too make the website design bad.

Use of Animations-
Animations are not meant to be used excessively in a website design. These blinking text and animations often steal the efficacy of a website. And an expert web design company makes less use of such features so that a website has professional look and feel.

Interrupting Music-
Most disastrous aspects of a website design is the ‘Background Music’. The automatic music played in loops and on every web page is definitely a part of the bad web design. It reduces the interest of online users in your website.

No HTML Validation-
HTML validation is an important thing to do with a website design. It needs proper validation as without it, your website has fewer chances to get indexed in the search engine results. Moreover, such websites have slow loading pages.

Opening New Windows

Non-Alignment of Different Elements

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