BobbyeM71hxwSun-Oracle Merger Looks Bright for OpenOffice, MySQL

Oracle announced its intentions with Sun products, although Apple’s iPad announcement has eclipsed, and now the acquisition of Sun Microsystems is compete.

The announcement was actually a planned webcast, which reassured those worried over the fate of two open-source Sun products for small business: the database software, MySQL and the productivity suite, The acquisition might make MySQL and even more competitive against costly Microsoft counterparts (SQL Server and Microsoft Office). has already proven a worthy alternative to the stranglehold Microsoft has in the productivity suite space for SMBs. And Last year, reached its one hundred millionth download. Yet, Sun has still not managed to make great headway in the productivity space.

Forrester’s research reported last year that 80% of businesses still use Microsoft Office. Oracle will be able to push competition against Microsoft in a way that Sun never could quite accomplish.

Oracle is also poised to offer a cloud-based productivity suite that leverages the awesomeness of into a real competitor against Google Docs/Apps.

Oracle’s plan to keep MySQL Community Edition free, as well as spend more on research and development for it than Sun did in its most recent fiscal year, bodes well for MySQL.

The database savvy of Oracle and MySQL developers can make MySQL into a formidable competitor to MS SQL and the database of choice for small to mid size business.

For small business, it’s a win. Both products will stay free; they work well already and only stand to get better with Oracle’s backing.

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