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From the desk of President & CEO, All1Source Technologies

I have been in the IT industry for more than 17 years & purely in to Internet media & technology business from over 10 years. But during this so long time being always with computers & various technology equipments & building over 1000+ websites, surprisingly I never asked this question to myself- What is our social contribution to the world?
I am excited & equally proud to get the answer from my insight today.

SAVE ENVIRONMENT- Go Paperless, Go Digital, Go Green

Use technology to its fullest because technology helps you saving our mother nature. The mantra- Go paperless helps in saving trees. Go Digital way cuts the paper use drastically. We as a educated people should always promote & encourage use of e-Mailing, e-Greetings, e-Cataloging, e-Statements, all possible “e’s” can save our mother nature.

I got up early & reached office & assembled my team members & we together took an oath- “From today onwards we will not only be selling our services as a responsible web developers but we will be heavily promoting & pushing our all digital services to the people across the globe. We will work tirelessly for saving our environment & making the cheapest possible solutions, products & services available to the human beings across the world. This will be our prime duty to make ourselves available for each & everyone who is supporting & accepting digital way of life. GO GREEN!!….Go Digital”

Save Environment- Go Paperless, Go Digital…..

All1Source- Building Digital Community across the globe….

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