BobbyeM71hxwOracle buys SOA management vendor AmberPoint

On Monday, Oracle fattened up its already burgeoning middleware stack, announcing that it has purchased SOA (service oriented architecture) management vendor AmberPoint. Terms were not disclosed.

SOA refers to a systems design approach that eschews monolithic applications and instead designates various processes, such as running a credit check on a customer, as interoperable “services” that allow code to be flexibly reused.

AmberPoint’s software is used to monitor the performance of SOA-driven applications and help users solve problems. According to an FAQ document Oracle released Monday (PDF), it is “highly complementary” to Oracle’s own SOA software and will “enable increased control and performance of critical applications across the enterprise.

It’s not yet clear how the deal will affect road maps for AmberPoint’s products. A review is under way and more details will be forthcoming, according to Oracle. And investment in the products is expected to increase.

According to Tony Baer on the On Strategies Perspective blog, AmberPoint was one of a dwindling group of still-standing independents delivering runtime governance for SOA environments.

He added, the move “patches some gaps in its Enterprise Manager offering, not only in SOA runtime governance, but also with business transaction management — and potentially — better visibility to non-Oracle systems”.

And in the first half of this year, the deal is expected to close.

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