BobbyeM71hxwNHS Trusts told to ditch Internet Explorer 6

After the Department of Health (DoH) released an urgent bulletin of advising all NHS Trusts to use Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade their browser, the fallout from the Chinese hack on Google’s system continued.

According to Microsoft, a critical flaw in Internet Explorer had been the route by which Chinese hackers sought to infiltrate Google’s corporate systems, a flaw that it later admitted to knowing about for months.

And Microsoft has since issued an out-of-band patch for the problem, which can allow remote code execution on affected systems. But the company is recommending users to upgrade to IE8, which has security measures which will make the exploit code difficult to implement effectively.

And now the DoH Informatics Directorate has issued its own guidance for NHS Trusts, urging them to implement the fix as soon as possible. The bulletin also recommended that “organizations still using IE6 on the affected platforms upgrade to IE7”.

The directive added that the IE7 has been warranted to work correctly with NHS Spine applications such as CSA, and provides additional security features over IE6.

No further information has been provided bye the DoH, and is presumably not recommending an upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft’s browser, IE8, because of support issues with these key applications.

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