BobbyeM71hxwMuleSoft launches cloud-based Tomcat Web app server

This week, MuleSoft is launching Cloudcat that makes the Apache Tomcat Web application server available as a cloud-based service.

Cloudcat is a virtual image for developers and quality assurance persons to build and test connected Web applications in the cloud, which is available on the Amazon Web Services and GoGrid cloud platforms, according to MuleSoft.

Also, IT operations can expand data center capacity by using Cloudcat during peak times or as a cheaper alternative to hosting Tomcat on an internal server.

MuleSoft expects Cloudcat will initially be used mostly for development and testing as well as for deployment of certain classes of Web applications.

MuleSoft vice president of business and corporate development, Chris Purpura said, anything that runs on a Java servlet container can be deployed on Tomcat, and these are typically lighter-weight Web applications that need good scalability” and varying levels of customer demand.

Purpura also added, the application can take the advantage of elasticity by putting them in the cloud. However, Tomcat is not an enterprise Java server; it lacks the full Java stack. He said, you probably won’t deploy your Siebel application on Tomcat.

Features of Cloudcat include:

  • Provisioning of Cloudcat for developing and testing Tomcat applications.
  • A familiar deployment model in which applications are put on Cloudcat just as they would on a local Tomcat server.
  • Diagnostics of the Cloudcat runtime and MuleSource Tcat Server management console.
  • Integration with the Apache Maven Java repository, for integration between development and testing.
  • Integration with Tcat REST APIs for management and controls.
  • Enterprise support.
  • Inclusion of the MySQL database on Linux.
  • 32- and 64-bit images.

The price of Cloudcat Amazon Edition starts at 30 cents per hour and features Canonical Ubuntu Linux. Cloudcat GoGrid Edition starts at $29 per month, featuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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