BobbyeM71hxwMicrosoft Releases 3 New BlueTrack Mice

Microsoft has released three new mice featuring its BlueTrack technology, indicating that the products featuring the innovation developed in-house are available at their lowest price ever. In fact, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Wireless Mouse 2000 and Comfort Mouse 4500 all come with price tags of under $30, and are already up for grabs for customers.

When it launched the first BlueTrack products, the Redmond Company was confident enough in the technology it had developed that it encouraged users to start saying goodbye to their old laser mouse forever.

In response to people’s increasingly mobile lifestyles, BlueTrack Technology was created, letting them ditch their mouse pad and use their BlueTrack mouse virtually anywhere — from the granite kitchen counter and the wood table at the coffee shop to the armrest at the airport.

As the BlueTrack Technology debuted in September 2008, but finally it’s now available in eight Microsoft mice so consumers can choose the best design, color and price to fit their need, explained the software giant.

Users will be able to buy the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 in two colors, Loch Ness Gray and Dragon Fruit Pink, while the Wireless Mouse 2000 will only be offered in a gray version. Microsoft underlined that while the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 was smaller than the normal mouse average size; the Wireless Mouse 2000 is a bit bigger, giving end users the chance to choose the product that best suits their hands.

Mobility is, of course, the key aspect of both the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, which comes with a Nano transceiver less than a centimeter long when connected to a USB port, but also for the Wireless Mouse 2000, that allows customers to stick a mini-transceiver into the bottom of the mouse.

The Comfort Mouse 4500 is the first wired mouse featuring BlueTrack Technology, making it a great choice for people who never want to deal with changing batteries. Like its wireless counterparts, the Comfort Mouse 4500 will track on virtually any surface2 and will be available in black as well as three fresh special-edition colors: Sea Blue, Poppy Red and Strawberry Pink.

All the new mice can already be purchased via The Wireless Mouse 2000 and Comfort Mouse 4500 cost $29.95 and $24.95, and are scheduled to hit store shelves in March. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 will be just $29.95 and general availability is planned for April.


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