BobbyeM71hxwHyperSQL 1.7.0- Database engines

HyperSQL is like a doxygen for SQL, hypermapping SQL views, procedures, packages and functions to HTML source code listings and showing all code locations where these are used. The internal “where used” functionality also scans C++ and Java source files.

key features of “HyperSQL“:

  • flexible configuration by use of .ini files
  • generates nicely formatted HTML files, CSS adjustable by use of .css files
  • parses SQL, C++ and Java files according to file extensions you configured
  • generates hyperlinked listings of all objects found (SQL views, packages, functions, procedures, etc.)
  • hyperlinks object names to their appearance in the source code
  • generates “where used” lists, to show where your objects have been used by other objects (if they have) – helps you to find unused code if not, or example usages if found

Newly included:

  • option blind_offset added (to control parsing for “anonymous JavaDoc segments”)
  • code reorganization: outsourced some code to modules (hyperjdoc, hypercore, hypercode)
  • “describing” JavaDoc elements (with just one “text” option) can now span multiple lines
  • converting crash when configured top_level_directory did not exist into a standard exit with proper error message
  • fixed the additional empty lines in code listings
  • new keyword include_source (section Process) to make the inclusion of source code optional

Language: Python

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