LolaTheriotHTML Tools: Haml 2.3.0

Haml 2.3.0 is a markup language, which is used to describe the HTML of any web document easily and simply, without the use of inline code.

It is compiled into XHTML, similarly to ERB, and attempts to fix many flaws in templating engines like explicitly coding HTML into the template.

Haml itself is a description of the HTML, with code to generate dynamic content. And it functions as a replacement for inline page templating systems such as PHP, ASP, and ERB.

The #foo Hello World! line of code will output this HTML line of code: <div id=”foo”>Helo World!</div>

Automatically, Haml handled the end tag and tag defining. For CSS stylings, SASS does the same thing as Haml does for HTML. SASS is bundled with Haml by default.

Platform: Windows/ Linux/ Mac OS/ BSD/ Solaris
Language: Ruby

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