BobbyeM71hxwHTML tool: eLyXer 0.4.1

eLyXer 0.4.1 is a LyX to HTML converter, with a focus on flexibility and elegant output. LyX is a wonderful text editor which produces beautiful PDF files. Internally it exports documents to LaTeX, and from there to PDF. It can convert documents generated with LyX versions from 1.5.5 to 1.6.2 into valid HTML pages.

The output requires XHTML, CSS2 and Unicode; therefore a CSS2-compatible browser is required.

Minimum browser versions for some popular programs are: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, Safari 3 and Chrome 1. It requires Python 2.3.4 or higher

It consists of –

  • Select the translation based on document language.
  • Added em-dash — such as in this sentence, ■, \textup.
  • Added option –converter inkscape to use Inkscape as SVG converter.
  • Solved bug when numbering unordered unique parts such as Part* (thanks, Geremy!).
  • Show error instead of crashing when included document does not exist.
  • Support for all box styles. In CSS: switched to outline-style instead of border for boxes.
  • Support for vertical space insets.
  • Support for references inside paragraphs and formatted references.
  • Listings are now converted using <pre> tags, instead of <code>. They are also justified left.
  • Solved bug that prevented numbered listings to appear numbered (thanks, Sam!).
  • Support for generic Flex insets, including Flex CharStyle: MenuItem.
  • All entities are now generated as the Unicode U+00A0 character.
  • New option –iso885915 to generate a document with ISO-8859-15 encoding.
  • Support for Sam Liddicott’s Newfangle module for literate programming.
  • Updated the developer guide for potential contributors; added link from the main page.
  • Support for \underbrace and \overbrace.

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