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All1Tunes is a fast growing online social networking application, catering to musicians, dancers, singers, songwriters, composers, hip hop rappers R&B singers, country music singers, hip hop dancers, music lovers.

If you are anyone among these & want to setup your own website to be with your community Enjoy All1Tunes Demo!!

Top socializing features of All1Tunes:

• Start your own artist band
• Download your favorite music, albums and can also post your music online to let others know about your music and artistic skills
• Upload movies, videos, music, or games, and can share it easily with your friends
• Create a customized profile
• Interact easily with other members by making friend requests, posting comments, publishing your own blog, adding key words called tags, raving Profiles and Media, sharing your favorite media, and participating in online forums
• You can start your online Communities that match your interests, and can form a group around those interests and get connected.

All1Tunes is an opensource online social networking and music community building application, which is mainly a support & service-oriented in nature.

We provide Support & service for setup, integration of new design template to give any look & feel that suits your taste & requirements as well as maintenance support to your portal.

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