BobbyeM71hxwFacebook gets more Bing — and control of display ads

On Friday, Microsoft said Bing will power Internet searches for Facebook’s 400 million members in an arrangement that returns control of display advertising to the social-networking service.

Previously, Bing had powered online searches on US Facebook pages.

According to Bing general manager Jon Tinter, Microsoft will provide Facebook users full access to Bing features as part of an “expanded cooperation in search”. You will start to see the fruits of our expanded relationship show up in the Facebook experience over the weeks and months ahead, he said.

According to Tinter, the companies mutually agreed that Facebook will take over selling display advertising posted at the website because it “just made more sense” given the unique nature of the website.

The control over the displaying advertisement by Microsoft served up at Facebook stretched back to shortly before the US software giant bought a 1.6-percent stake in Facebook in 2007 for 240 million dollars.

The arrangement was inked in a contract, which was up for renewal.

Last year, Microsoft launched its new Bing search engine.

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