LolaTheriotEcno jit in net framework

EconoJITstands for Just-in-Time. In .NET all the lanuages use a runtime compiler known as CLR (Common Language Runtime). All the languages wishing to target CLR need to comply with CTS or Common Type System.

CLR compiles the code written in .NET based languages to IL code or Intermediary Language or MSIL. MSIL is a set of instructions that can be compiled into native mahcine level code as a second and final step of compilation.

This MSIL code is JIT compiled i.e compiled on the need-to basis as and when called. The runtime provides three compilers – PreJIT, standard JIT and EconoJIT.

PreJIT compiles the entire code. EconoJIT compiles only those methods that are being called during runtime. These compiled methods are removed later when not required.

StandardJIt is like EconoJIt except that the compiled methods are not removed but kept in cache for next run.

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