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adminGul wrote on Raj’s Birthday

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

My dearest friend Gul wrote on my B’day. I am feeling like I am the richest man in the world blessed with so much love & affection from my friends. Here is what Gul (Prashen Kyawal) wrote:

It does not matter how many years you have in life, what matters is the Life in your years!
it has been FULL OF LIFE for you till now
I wish it WILL BE full of Life for you for another 6 decades!
Applaud your Zeal, Vigor, Spontaneity
You the definition of living life to the fullest
You know how to enjoy the most
You know how to get the best from even the worst moments of your life
that’s what sets you apart
You stand behind like pillar when someone is falling
You become the support for the limping souls
You always cherish your friends, family and yes ofcourse… girl friends
You are a good son, good husband, good father, good boss, good citizen
and above all
You are the BEST friend anyone can have
As your Chinese symbol suggest
you are really the DOG
with your unconditional love
rock solid trustworthiness
YO DOG! Way to go!
I am happy to see you start the life today….
as they say life Starts at 40!
You have been super star all your life
I am sure in your life after 40s…. you will be UNIVERSAL INTERPLANETARY DIVINE STAR

Thank you very much, Gul…..I am very fortunate to have loving friends like you. I love you, dude…
Million Thanks,

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adminChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti Celebrated

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj

Sarv Shiv bhaktanna Chhatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj Jayantichya hardik shubhechha

Sarv Shiv bhaktanna Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayantichya hardik shubhechha!!

Very Happy & energetic Shiv Jayanti to all the devotees!!

Its 19th February today & we are proud to be Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s follower & true devotees.

It was very encouraging & happy moments at office today on the occassion of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj jayanti, popularly also known as Shiv Jayanti.

All1Source Technologies Team- INDIA (Jai Shivaji Maharaj)President & CEO of All1Source Technologies, Raj Pachpohar greeting Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj

President & CEO of All1Source Technologies greeted Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj on his birthday, and the team Members from Media & Technology Groups, those were present in the office attended & enjoyed the function.

Jai Bhavani!! Jai Shivaji!!

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adminGreat song-Khooshboo hun mai

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

From the desk of President & CEO, All1Source

My Weekend Blog:

Hey guys, I just listened to this old SONG- Khooshboo hun mai…Phool nahi hun jo murzayenga……khosshboo hun mai.

Man… this tune sends shiver in my spine, its so soothing that I almost listened to this tune for more than 15 times after tonnes of efforts I found it on the web. Its surprising yet sad that this song which is so wonderful to listen have no audio clip uploaded on the net. Finally thanks to desilyrics- he had uploaded this great song on youtube.

Guys- listen to this great song & try to understand each & every word in this song. I bet you will fall in love with this song. If you are sensitive & caring it will bring tears in to your eyes. Trust me.

Here is the song for you-

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Khooshboo hun mai

(Guys, though this is video but its audio only, just go & listen)

Khooshboo hun mai…Phool nahi hun jo murzayenga
Jab jab mausam laherayenga….mai aa jaunga

Friends, just listen & fall in love with this melody from all times great legendary singer Late Mohammad Rafi & composed by forgotten music director- Late Manas Mukherjee. We forgot Manasji but his son Shaan, superstar singer of Indian cenema sung this song in rememberance of his great father on Music ka Mahamuqabla, Watch Star Plus today, 7th Feb at 9:00 pm.

I fall in love with this song…come …listen & fall in love….

Mai andekha tara bankar……rah dikhaunga….

This song made my weekend…thank you Shaan, thank you Manasji, Thank you Rafiji….God bless you all

Its time to recharge & rejuvenate to take over the next busy week’s schedule……See you next weekend!! Cheers!!

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BobbyeM71hxwPHP 5.2.12 Release Announcement

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.12. This release focuses on improving the stability of the PHP 5.2.x branch with over 60 bug fixes, some of which are security related. All users of PHP 5.2 are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.2.12:

  1. Fixed a safe_mode bypass in tempnam() identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. (CVE-2009-3557, Rasmus)
  2. Fixed a open_basedir bypass in posix_mkfifo() identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. (CVE-2009-3558, Rasmus)
  3. Added “max_file_uploads” INI directive, which can be set to limit the number of file uploads per-request to 20 by default, to prevent possible DOS via temporary file exhaustion, identified by Bogdan Calin. (CVE-2009-4017, Ilia)
  4. Added protection for $_SESSION from interrupt corruption and improved “session.save_path” check, identified by Stefan Esser. (CVE-2009-4143, Stas)
  5. Fixed bug #49785 (insufficient input string validation of htmlspecialchars()). (CVE-2009-4142, Moriyoshi, hello at iwamot dot com)

Key enhancements in PHP 5.2.12 include:

  • Fixed unnecessary invocation of setitimer when timeouts have been disabled. (Arvind Srinivasan)
  • Fixed crash in com_print_typeinfo when an invalid typelib is given. (Pierre)
  • Fixed crash in SQLiteDatabase::ArrayQuery() and SQLiteDatabase::SingleQuery() when calling using Reflection. (Felipe)
  • Fixed crash when instantiating PDORow and PDOStatement through Reflection. (Felipe)
  • Fixed memory leak in openssl_pkcs12_export_to_file(). (Felipe)
  • Fixed bug #50207 (segmentation fault when concatenating very large strings on 64bit linux). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #50162 (Memory leak when fetching timestamp column from Oracle database). (Felipe)
  • Fixed bug #50006 (Segfault caused by uksort()). (Felipe)
  • Fixed bug #50005 (Throwing through Reflection modified Exception object makes segmentation fault). (Felipe)
  • Fixed bug #49174 (crash when extending PDOStatement and trying to set queryString property). (Felipe)
  • Fixed bug #49098 (mysqli segfault on error). (Rasmus)
  • Over 50 other bug fixes.

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adminNew Product Arrival- Have it!

Monday, January 25th, 2010 is an e-commerce solution/application provider, which is so flexible that it can provide you any design with its fully-featured eCommerce engine. is so perfect to sell your Goods online and drive your business to new heights. Being an eCommerce application provider, it powers large Online Shops providing the Performance, Usability and Security that you expect from professional Software.

All1Mart provides you the core system and the Framework that you can use, helping you to use easily a complete Shopping Cart Solution within your own dynamic Website (“Portal”), together with many other Plug-Ins, called Components and Modules, like Forums, FAQ, Guestbooks, Galleries……..

Features offers a lot of Features, some of the standard Features are listed here. You can extend the
Functionality of All1Martpro using Plugins, Components, and Templates to make them do what you need.

General Features
 Ability to use Secure Sockets Layer (https) Encryption (128-bit)
 Flexibility in Tax Models
o Model 1: ShipTo Address-based Tax Calculation
o Model 2: Store Address-based Tax Calculation
o Model 3: EU Mode (Store Owner based Tax Calculation when Customer comes from an EU Country)
 Shoppers can manage their User Accounts (registration required)
 Shipping Address Management
 Able to view the Order History (previous orders and order details)
 Order Confirmation Mail is sent to Shopper and Store Owner
 Capability to change the Multiple Currencies (you can allow Customers to change the Currency and buy using an alternative Currency)
 Multiple Languages.

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