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Monday, January 25th, 2010 is an e-commerce solution/application provider, which is so flexible that it can provide you any design with its fully-featured eCommerce engine. is so perfect to sell your Goods online and drive your business to new heights. Being an eCommerce application provider, it powers large Online Shops providing the Performance, Usability and Security that you expect from professional Software.

All1Mart provides you the core system and the Framework that you can use, helping you to use easily a complete Shopping Cart Solution within your own dynamic Website (“Portal”), together with many other Plug-Ins, called Components and Modules, like Forums, FAQ, Guestbooks, Galleries……..

Features offers a lot of Features, some of the standard Features are listed here. You can extend the
Functionality of All1Martpro using Plugins, Components, and Templates to make them do what you need.

General Features
 Ability to use Secure Sockets Layer (https) Encryption (128-bit)
 Flexibility in Tax Models
o Model 1: ShipTo Address-based Tax Calculation
o Model 2: Store Address-based Tax Calculation
o Model 3: EU Mode (Store Owner based Tax Calculation when Customer comes from an EU Country)
 Shoppers can manage their User Accounts (registration required)
 Shipping Address Management
 Able to view the Order History (previous orders and order details)
 Order Confirmation Mail is sent to Shopper and Store Owner
 Capability to change the Multiple Currencies (you can allow Customers to change the Currency and buy using an alternative Currency)
 Multiple Languages.

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