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7th Annual Day Celebrations 2010”-

Dil Se…

All1Source Technologies have celebrated its 7th Annual Day 2010 on 26th January, 2010. The “7th Annual Day” was themed as “Dil Se…”, which means with “Bottom of Heart”. The annual day was attended by all the members of All1Source Technologies.

On behalf of All1Source Technologies, Vishal Gaidhane had organized the annual day. The programme was organized really very well, it was just a full of enjoyment. The whole event trapped in a shot by Mr. Raj Pachpohar, the President and CEO of All1Source Technologies.

The games organized were-

1. One Minute Show
One Minute Show was organized by Priti Marawar and Shweta Kulkarni, and the show included 7 different games.

2. Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt was organized by Vishal Gaidhane and Abhijeet Barbate. It’s a game in which different clues were given to the participants and they had to find the treasure.

3. Dumcharads
This game was organized by Nitin Tatte and Sobhit Gupta. In this game, team has to judge the name of movie on the basis of act.

4. Act and Guess
Act and Guess was hosted by Nagendra Yadav and Swapnil Jatkar. The game was about to judge the name of personality with the help of acting.

5. Balloon Dance
Balloon Dance was organized by Sandip Waghmare and Shekhar Kokate.

6. Managing the Stacks
Managing the Stacks was organized by Snehal Wanzari and Priti Marawar. It’s the game in which two contestants were selected, and one of the contestants had to manage the stacks on the basis of information given by their respective partner.

7. Make a String
Organized and hosted by VISHAL Gaidhane.

With the full enthusiasm, every member participated in the game and enjoyed a lot. And after that every member rocked on the dance floor.

Dance with me baby, want to dance for whole night…

With great celebration, All1Source Technologies celebrated its “7th Annual Day”.

Raj Pachpohar ended the event with great thanks.

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